Amber Portwood and Brandi Glanville Get in Heated Argument

The feud between Amber Portwood and Brandi Glanville lives on.

In a PEOPLE sneak peek at Friday’s episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition, the two reality stars go head-to-head after the Teen Mom OG star yells at the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum’s father, Guy Glanville, during a meeting with show host Dr. V.

“Here’s what’s happening. If you’re not raging at your mother, you’re raging at Matt. And if you’re not raging at Matt, you’re raging at your mother. And if you’re not raging at either of them, you’re raging at all of us. That is what’s happening,” Dr. V tells Portwood, who sits on the couch beside her mother, Tonya Portwood, and refuses to go upstairs and get her ex-fiancé Matt Baier for the group exercise.

As Dr. V tells Portwood, 27, this, the MTV personality is in complete denial and yells, “That’s not true!”

“How you are here is how you are at home,” Dr. V tells Portwood, who cries, “No, it’s not!”

With a pointed finger, Portwood says, “You don’t know what I’m like at home,” which Dr. V calmly claps back with, “I know what you’re like here. Do you want to start the exercise and get Matt or no?”

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When Dr. V suggests she walk upstairs and get Baier, Portwood immediately gets frustrated and goes after Guy, who encourages her: “Amber, you can do it.”

“Guy, you don’t know Matt, you really don’t,” she fires back, which sets off Brandi.

“Don’t yell at my dad,” Brandi, 45, tells Portwood. “You’re yelling at everyone. You’re not talking — you’re screaming, honey.”

In defense of her dad, Brandi tells cameras, “F— you, Amber! Do not talk to my dad that way.”

Though her fellow castmates continue to wait on Portwood to walk upstairs and get Baier — who is seen lying in bed — she clearly doesn’t have a desire to work things out with her ex.

“He brings the worst out of me, because he doesn’t care,” she says of Baier.

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition airs Fridays (9 p.m. ET) on WE tv.

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