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It’s that time of year again! As high school seniors around the country gear up for graduation and their final few months of freedom before starting college, there is one big event they all have to look forward to: Going to prom.

While some of us have had plans (since freshman year, pretty much) to dance the night away with our closest friends, other folks get the surprise of a lifetime with a promposal — which can range from being really, really cute and creative to being super cringe-worthy.

Ahead, a look at those moments, ranked by how hard you’ll probably cry, laugh and/or shudder. Enjoy.

The Rockin’ Promposal 

Give me the rundown: Boy plays an original song to ask his classmate to prom.
Am I Going to Cry? Nope, no tears here. But it is short and sweet.
Okay, But Will I Laugh? You’ll definitely aww.
… or Will I Feel Secondhand Embarrassment? No way, especially since this guitarist in particular seems perfectly confident about belting out a tune in the hallway at school.

The Beauty and the Beast-themed Promposal

Give me the rundown: World’s most romantic teen surprises his “princess” with a trail of candles and roses. His Beast costume is also handmade. Props.
Am I Going to Cry? You’ll cry all the tears just thinking back to how lame your high school boyfriend really was compared to this guy.
Okay, But Will I Laugh? No, just tears. All tears.
… or Will I Feel Secondhand Embarrassment? Definitely not.

The BFF Promposal

Give me the rundown: Rachael asks her lifelong best friend, Ben, to prom at their high school auditorium, where the pair’s friends can be found swaying back and forth with signs on stage. The moment is set to Toy Story‘s “You’ve Got a Friend In Me”. Rachel comes out and asks her BFF if he’d like to be her prom date.
Am I Going to Cry? Yes, yes, a million times yes. Especially when Ben screams, “Oh my God!” after Rachael says, “I did this all for you!” He happily says yes to his friend’s promposal.
Okay, But Will I Laugh? You’ll be really, really happy. It’s a feel-good promposal.
… or Will I Feel Secondhand Embarrassment? Not at all.

The ‘Oh, That Was For Me?’ Promposal

Give me the rundown: Daniel puts up signs that read, “Alex. Will. You. Marry. LOL Jk. Go To. Prom. With Me.” so they’re visible to his girlfriend, Alex, during their drive. She calls the move lame, not knowing the gesture was actually for her.
Am I Going to Cry? Definitely. But that’s because you’ll be laughing and most likely tearing when Alex starts crying because she feels so horrible for calling the promposal a “s—-y” way to ask someone. It ends up being really sweet.
Okay, But Will I Laugh? OF COURSE. But don’t feel too bad. They both end up finding humor in this promposal fail, which isn’t so much a fail as Alex ends up saying yes.
… or Will I Feel Secondhand Embarrassment? Yes, since Daniel was recording and was hoping for a seamless promposal before Alex’s unexpected reaction.

The Ping Pong Promposal

Give me the rundown: Boy writes “Prom?” on hundreds of ping pong balls. Boy puts them in his girlfriend’s locker. Girl opens her locker and is shocked to see all of them bounce off her shelf.
Am I Going to Cry? Probably not, but it’s a cute video nonetheless.
Okay, But Will I Laugh? You’ll probably giggle along with her as she looks around, hoping someone could explain why someone would put ping pong balls in her locker.
… or Will I Feel Secondhand Embarrassment? No, but we are wondering: What will they do with all those ping pong balls?

The ‘You’re Like My Brother’ Promposal

Give me the rundown: Anthony, a gay teen, really wants to have a male prom date but isn’t having any luck. Enter his BFF Jacob, a straight teen, who decides to ask his friend to prom. He writes a sign, “You’re hella gay, I’m hella [straight], but you’re like my brother, so be my [date]?” to do so, and Anthony says yes!
Am I Going to Cry? Yes, and it’s OKAY.
Okay, But Will I Laugh? The sign is creative and funny, so why not?
… or Will I Feel Secondhand Embarrassment? Definitely not. What you will feel is a tinge of jealousy since the guys were invited to recount the promposal on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The Frozen Promposal

Give me the rundown: Kristen Bell helps high school student Michael ask his classmate, Sarah, to be his prom date on Jimmy Kimmel Live. But she has no clue as she’s taken on a Frozen-themed scavenger hunt on Hollywood Boulevard. She must find Frozen‘s Kristoff (who is actually Michael in costume) in L.A. She brings him back to the studio, where his true identity is revealed.
Am I Going to Cry? No, but you’ll definitely smile.
Okay, But Will I Laugh? Real talk: Do we ever not laugh when Kristen Bell is on screen?
… or Will I Feel Secondhand Embarrassment? We’re only cringing because Sarah looks uncomfortable. But hey, she said yes, so it’s fine.

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