Evan Rachel Wood Explains Why She Turned Down Mean Girls

Evan Rachel Wood could have tried to make fetch happen!

The Westworld actress, 30, recently stopped by the Tonight Show where host Jimmy Fallon mentioned he’d heard that she turned down the opportunity to star in Mean Girls

“There’s a good reason!” Wood said of why she didn’t star in the 2004 iconic teen film. “The only reason is because I was already supposed to do a film called Pretty Persuasion that was set in a high school, that was very Heathers-esque, and it was very similar [to Mean Girls]. And I was already kind of doing that. So I was like, ‘I can’t.’ ”

Wood hasn’t given up on trying to work with its writer Tina Fey though. The actress gave a shout out to the former 30 Rock star, who was also appearing on the show Thursday night.

“Tina, if you’re here, I’m so sorry we got off on the wrong foot,” Wood said. “As long as the next movie you’re doing is not about a robot uprising, I will happily, happily do it.”

Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Rachel Wood

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Fey was there to promote her Broadway adaptation of Mean Girls, which opened this month. The actress and writer surprised Tonight Show audience members who gave speeches on why they found her an inspiration. Longtime pal and former Saturday Night Live costar Fallon also weighed in and got emotional as he thanked Fey.

“I’ll just take a breath,” said a choked-up Fallon, before joking, “I’m on hormone pills.”

“Today, I have two daughters and my hope for them is that they grow up to be leaders like you, and that they’ll be as fearless and confident in their strengths as you are,” he said to his friend before ending with a simple, “I love you.”

Means Girls is now on Broadway.

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