Olivia Munn Responds to Claim Dog Was Caught Peeing on Someone

Sometimes it’s all about the angles, even when it comes to pets.

Olivia Munn found this out the hard way, after a paparazzi shot surfaced online, where it looked like her rescue dog Chance was peeing on an airport greeter.

“Chance loves his leg scratched, so he does this thing where he lifts his leg, and it looks like he’s peeing on you,” explains Munn, who recently talked about her devotion to her two rescue dogs for PEOPLE’s The Beautiful Issue.

“They have this shot of Chance and he’s lifting his leg. It looks like he’s about to pee on the greeter,” but the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was just searching for a scratch.

Though she rarely responds to tabloid rumors, this is one of the few times the animal lover, who is also the creative strategist for the dog walking app Wag!, felt she needed to speak out.

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“I felt that was the only time I can think of, besides having to say ‘I’m not dating my friend’s ex,’ is when I had to say to the world, ‘My dog wasn’t trying to pee on someone … No, no, he was just asking for a scratch.’ I felt so defensive,” the stars recalls, noting the only other time she refuted rumors was to state she wasn’t dating Chris Pratt following his split from his wife, and Munn’s friend, Anna Faris.

The proud dog mom, who also has a rescue Jack Russell terrier mix named Frankie, used the ill-timed photo and the hubbub around it as a teaching moment for her canine Chance.

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“Chance and I sat down, I told him, ‘Hey, look. We’re in the public eye, you know? You can’t always control it. They’re going to say what they want.’ I told him to get off Twitter, get off Instagram. I said, ‘Deactivate your comments section,’ ” says Munn.

The Hollywood life is a far cry from where Chance started out. Munn adopted the dog from Social Tees NYC, after the rescue saved the canine from a puppy mill. His famous owner decided to name him Chance since he was getting a second shot at life.

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She feels that the purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is proof that animal lovers can find any kind of dog they are looking for from a shelter.

“I think it’s so important to adopt pets instead of buying them from a pet store or from breeders, because there are so many dogs and cats and animals that are waiting for their forever home,” Munn adds. “They’re just sitting there waiting, and they’re needing someone to come and love them and bring them into their home.”

  • Reporting by Jessica Fecteau

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